The club is run by management committee which is composed of the Club Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Club Treasurer, Club Secretary, Education Secretary, Club Affairs Secretary and seven other Committee Members, which is elected to run the club’s affairs during the Annual general Meeting for a term of two years. The Management Committee Members sees to the provision of the physical facilities, equipment, staff recruitment and the welfare of the members.  The Committee is governed by the club’s constitution.


School Administration

The Principal is the person in-charge of the daily running of the school.  All the staff is answerable to the office of the Principal.  The Principal is actually the chief executive (CEO) of the institution and meets the Board once a month.


The school chain of hierarchy is as follows:

  • The Principal
  • The Deputy Principal
  • School Accountant
  • Senior Teacher Upper Primary
  • Senior Teacher Lower Primary
  • Senior Teacher KG Wing
  • Teachers
  • Non-Teaching Staff


Staff Establishment 

We have a staff establishment of 100 members as listed below:-

  • Teaching Staff – 53
  • Office Staff – 6
  • Drivers - 8
  • Other Sub-Staff – 31
  • Cafeteria Staff – 8


Education Sub-Committee & Discipline

There is an Education Sub-Committee which sees to the academic standards of the School with special emphasis on the teaching and learning processes ensuring quality education is provided to the children in a homely atmosphere.  The Sub-Committee is composed of the Chairman who is also the Education Secretary of the Management Committee, the Secretary (the Principal) and five other members drawn from other Educational Institutions.  It is also charged with the responsibility of organizing seminars and workshops for the professional development of the teachers.



A very high degree of discipline is maintained and good moral values are continuously included into the learners through proper and selfless guidance and counseling offered by the school.  Needless to mention, our school is a shining example of a disciplined institution of learning.  What a centre of excellence it is!

Club members are expected to participate fully in all school and club activities as organized by the Committee from time to time.



The school has three streams per class and the enrolment currently stands at 960 pupils.  

The Kindergarten school admits children in the following classes:-

  • Ages 3 - 3 ½ - Baby class 
  • Ages 4 - 4 ½ - Kindergarten one
  • Ages 5 - 5½  - Kindergarten two