The club’s tradition is based on a homely atmosphere ensuring the children a gradual and harmonious transition from home to school.  The present site of the school donated by the Government on a five acre plot is in the pleasant surroundings along Links Road, Nyali and enhancing the same tradition.  Nyali Primary and Kindergarten has attracted enrolment of children of many different nationalities.

History of the School/Club

In response to many requests from parents of children in the well known and reputed THE MOMBASA PARENTS CLUB KINDERGARTEN which was founded on 13th March, 1942 – NYALI PRIMARY SCHOOL was opened in January 1986 in order to provide continuity and stability in the learning process.

The school was founded as a result of the First World War which came nearest to the coastal strip making Mombasa a base of military activities.  As a result there was over-crowding and shortage of housing and on the other hand a very large increase of military service traffic, etc, making the children’s lives more precarious.  Many mothers became engaged on part time or full time war work and had to think of Nursery School to take care of the children while they were at work.  Thus the Parents’ Club may have been an outcome of the war; but it is an outcome that has now come to stay.